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UCSD Spring 2017: LTWL 116 Final Instructions

Final Instructions: LTWL 116

  • Students who signed up to write a long paper in place of the two short ones must turn it in this week, no later than Friday, or it will be graded as late.
  • Short final papers are due next Tuesday. I will be in our classroom at 3:00 (the official final exam starting time) to accept them, and stay until about 4:00. However, I will be in my office from noon to 2:45 on Tuesday if you wish to turn yours in earlier. Before noon you may also hand it in to the Literature office (opposite end of the hall from my office). Don’t be late.
  • If you want to get back your final paper or test, you must print “Privacy Waiver” on the top of the front page and sign your name underneath. It will be available in the Literature department office after final grades are submitted. If you want it mailed to you, clip it to an envelope of appropriate size with sufficient postage and a correct address. I will mail it as soon as grades are completed. Any test or paper still in my office should be picked up before finals week ends, or it will be responsibly recycled.
  • Be prepared for emergencies like computer problems. Always back up each draft of your paper. You have enough to do during finals without having to write a paper all over again, and I have enough to do without late submissions.
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