Class Consciousness

Stephen W. Potts

LTWL 120 Final Instructions

  1. Long papers are due no later than Monday, March 20. I will be in my office (Warren Lit 147) from 12 to 3:00 on that day; if you arrive before or after, papers can be taken to the Literature office at Warren Lit 110 (other end of the hall) until 4:30.
  2. The final short paper is due no later than Thursday, March 23. I will be in my office that afternoon until 4:30. Reading responses for Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell should also be turned in no later than March 23.
  3. Keep in mind that late papers will be accepted but reduced in grade. Since you have had all quarter to submit papers at your own convenience, last-minute excuses (no matter how good) will be met with the automatic response read earlier in class (no matter how sincere my sympathy).
  4. I will hold onto papers through next quarter, but if you want to pick yours up at any time from the Literature office, type “Privacy Waiver” at the top of the first page and sign it. If you want your paper mailed to you, supply an envelope of suitable size with correct address and postage. I will mail it as soon as grades are turned in.

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I am a writer and editor living on the Left Coast & writing my first novel: a 1980s-era political thriller titled El Imperio.

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