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Monthly Archives: December, 2016

UCSD Winter 2017 LTWL syllabus

The syllabus for the winter 2017 class – LTWL 120: Popular Literature (Fantasy After Tolkien) – has now been published. First class is January 10. Have a safe and magical … Continue reading

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Booklist for the winter course

The booklist for the winter 2017 course – LTWL 120: Fantasy After Tolkien – is now online.

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LTWL 114, Final Test

Final Test LTWL 114, Children’s Literature Answer the following questions in 400 words each. In order to receive full credit (5 points each), you must include relevant direct quotations from … Continue reading

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Final Instructions for LTWL 114

Final Instructions: LTWL 114 Students who are turning in a long paper in place of the two short ones should do so the last day of class or no later … Continue reading

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