Class Consciousness

Stephen W. Potts

LTWL 114 Quiz 1

LTWL 114, Children’s Literature

Quiz 1

Select two of the following questions and answer them in 400 words each. In order to receive full credit (five points for each answer), you must include relevant direct quotations from the stories (though you don’t need author and page citations). Don’t try to turn your answers into five-paragraph essays; get right to the points and examples.

  1. We commonly hear that fairy tales are moral stories for children that teach the rewards of good behavior. But to what extent is that true? From the stories we read, choose one that seems to reward goodness and one that actually does not and contrast them. Even where “good” is rewarded, how is goodness actually defined in the story? Is it in a way relevant for today’s children?
  2. Lewis Carroll employed several types of absurd humor in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Focusing only on those we discussed in lecture (i.e., listed on the blackboard), what do they have in common? Why should this type of humor appeal to children, especially Victorian children?
  3. What evidence do we find in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer that Mark Twain wrote it for adults as well as children?

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