Class Consciousness

Stephen W. Potts

LTWL 116: Midterm Test

Adolescent Fantasy Midterm

Answer each question in about 400 words. To receive full credit (five points each answer), you must use relevant quotations from the readings.

  1. C. S. Lewis employs philosophical as well as Christian ideas in his Narnia books to make the case for belief in a higher reality and a higher power, especially in the episodes of the cave in The Silver Chair and the stable in The Last Battle. What arguments does he make?
  2. Harry Potter’s world of magic starts out looking like a place of whimsy and wish fulfillment, but in The Goblet of Fire it is clearly also a world of danger and potential evil. What skills does a witch or wizard need to survive? What distinguishes a good (i.e., effective) wizard from a good (i.e., virtuous) one? Provide examples.

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Author, editor, lecturer. In print since 1982, and recently retired after 40 years of university teaching, 33 of them at UC San Diego.

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