Class Consciousness

Stephen W. Potts

Second Quiz

Answer TWO questions in 350-400 words each, using textual evidence and quotations.

  1. We portrayed Lord of the Flies as a fable that presents the main characters as allegorical types. How does Golding employ them and associated symbols to link the novel’s thesis with Ralph’s disillusionment?
  2. In The House on Mango Street, the main character’s coming of age and individuation reinforce the book’s agenda. Show how Cisneros delivers her message through her episodes and vignettes.
  3. Discuss the way The Bluest Eye treats hegemonic standards of beauty in the context of race, status, and social identity. Does beauty, in Morrison’s view, have anything to do with sexuality?

About runawayserfer

I am a writer and editor living on the Left Coast & writing my first novel: a 1980s-era political thriller titled El Imperio.

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