Class Consciousness

Stephen W. Potts

LTWL 120 Final Instructions

  • Students who have signed up for a single long term paper must turn it in by the end of the last week of instruction (before finals week).
  • All other papers are due by 4:30 pm Monday, March 17. I will be in my office (Warren Lit 147) from approximately noon to 4:30 to accept them. If you want to turn it in earlier, you may do so at the Literature department office (opposite end of the hall from my office).
  • If you want to pick up your paper next quarter without waiting for my office hours, write “Privacy Waiver” on the top of the front page and sign your name underneath. It will be available next quarter in the Literature department office. If you want it mailed to you, clip it to an envelope of appropriate size with sufficient postage and a correct address. I will mail it as soon as grades are turned in.
  • Be prepared for emergencies like computer problems. Always back up each draft of your paper. You have enough to do during finals without having to write a paper all over again, and I have enough to do without late submissions.
  • The final test begins at the scheduled time—3:00 pm—on Thursday, March 20, in our classroom. It has the same format as the midterm: three questions, two of which you will answer, only on the material of the second half of the quarter. Bring a blue book. You may use open texts and notes and have the full test time if you need it.



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