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Stephen W. Potts

UCSD Summer Course – Session 1

UCSD's Geisel Library. It has been featured in...

UCSD’s Geisel Library. It has been featured in several science-fiction movies because of its exotic appearance, and is the basis of the school’s current logo. It is considered to be one of the finest, if not the finest, examples of Brutalist architecture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Announcing the description for the 2013 Summer Session 1 creative writing course I will teach at UCSD. This session begins July 1 and ends August 3. Course description for Session 2 is also posted. Students and non-students can enroll in summer classes, so all writers are welcome.

LTWR 106: Writing of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Irrealism

This course focuses on the writing of short stories in non-mimetic genres, including literary irrealism (e.g., surrealism, magical realism, expressionism). Using a combination of lectures, readings of published stories, discussions, exercises, and workshops, we will explore the conventional elements of fiction such as plot, character, theme, and style, and grapple with the additional challenges of working in the non-mimetic mode, specifically issues of verisimilitude and the suspension of disbelief. We will focus attention on sources of inspiration, the discipline of writing, constructive criticism, and revision, and conclude with an overview of the business of publishing and the profession of authorship in these genres.

Section ID: 779561

Meeting: MW 8:00-10:50 a.m.



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I am a writer and editor living on the Left Coast & writing my first novel: a 1980s-era political thriller titled El Imperio.

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