Class Consciousness

Stephen W. Potts

Winter 2013: LTWL 120

Youth Culture - Mods & Rockers 1960s - 1970s

Popular Culture and Literature: Youth in the Age of Rock

In the early years of the 20th century, a combination of historical forces in the U.S. laid the groundwork for a distinct youth culture that first peaked in the Jazz Age of the 1920s. In the aftermath of World War II, youth acquired even greater social importance as the Age of Rock commenced.  

In this course we will examine the movements, fads, fashions, and pop arts that shaped the subcultures of teens and twenty-somethings—from the Beats of the 1950s through the Boomer Revolution of the 1960s to Generations X and Y2K.  In the process we will read the novels, excerpt the movies and music, and discuss the trends that have made youth culture a major institution of modern and postmodern society.

Coming Spring 2013: LTWL 116: Adolescent Literature: The Hero’s Journey. Details to follow.


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I am a writer and editor living on the Left Coast & writing my first novel: a 1980s-era political thriller titled El Imperio.

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